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A perfect hiking day in the mountains of Lofer

by Kristina

Until recently, we knew very little about this area in the heart of the Pinzgau, although the Saalachtal has a sensational mountain range waiting to be discovered. So we start our journey of discovery on the famous Lofer Almenwelt.

We start the day at 9:00 with a leisurely gondola ride and float up to an altitude of 1350 meters. With three small children it is definitely a stress-free way to reach such heights, especially when there are a multitude of great hiking trails waiting on thr top. But before we even start hiking, the children have already discovered the large adventure playground with a lookout tower, flying fox, water wheel, giant slide and so on. So we enjoy the first hour simply relaxing and playing, enjoying the view and the clear mountain air.

After it gets noticeably warmer and before the morning is over, we start wandering towards the waterfall hiking trail. Pay attention to choose the correct and way more beautiful kiking trail following the Würmbach.

Through colorful, fragrant meadows, accompanied by the sound of cowbells and gentle murmur of the mountain stream, we frollow the path for about 4km downhill. Along the way, 12 interactive boards are set up, playfully conveying all sorts of interesting facts about the Alm. We especially loved the fragrance quiz and the cowbells music station, which we tested in detail.

The path leads you through shady and cool forest, along a fresh mountain stream and countless small and impressively large waterfalls with small basins, which invite to cool the feet or even do a quick dive.

It takes us about 2 hours to arrive at Gasthaus Loderbichl, where we had lunch and enjoyed delicious food acompagnied by a phenomenal view. There is another playground around, which gaves us adults the chance to enjoy the great panorama for a moment in peace while the kids were playing.


  • Type: alpine hike
  • Start: parking at “Lofer Almenwelt”
  • Distance: ca. 4,5 km (from/to Mittelstation)
  • Duration: ca. 3 hours
  • Altitude distance: ca. 340 hm
  • suitable for stroller: no Difficulty: easy-medium
  • Catering: there are a lot of possibilities, e.g. Loderbichl Alm
  • Costs: for the gondola ride (look up the price information here)
  • Tipp: solid footwear recommended
  • Combination: fits perfectly to visit Vorderkaserklamm or the bathing spots there


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