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10 hillarious facts about twin moms

by Kristina

One, two or three kids – not that much of a difference, right? 😇 No, seriously – twins (or triplets or even more …) are and will remain a huge challenge. However with a little bit of humor, life becomes easier and laughing relaxes even the most strenuous days. So here – after more than a year of twin experience – a few encouraging words for hard times, because there are some things where you have a clear advantage as a multiple mom or dad.

1. You ticked everything off with one try

Whether development spurts, dental problems, sleepless nights, periods of defiance. Every parent has to go through it. As a twin mom or dad, you experience everything twice as intensely – but only half as long as parents of siblings. Always wanted 2 children? Great, then you edit everything in one.

2. Deep bondings

Twins are exhausting but also special. Always having someone you trust (and a partner in crime;)) by your side creates a special bond. At the latest, when they have learned to calm each other down, you will only smile mildly (or tired?) when an only child at the supermarket checkout in front of you blows the fuses because of fatigue.

3. You stay fit

You are always challenged physically and mentally and you are gwell trained. By reacting like a cat, acting at lightning speed and running in different directions at the same time, you will always stay in top form. And when you’ve mastered the supreme discipline of a beach vacation with twins, you’ll feel like Miyagi-san. The only thing you should be able to do is regulate your sleep.

4. You will become a professional in small talks

Hardly anyone stays unseen with twins. You will get so much attention and meet lovely, encouraging, curious people. Even if it is annoying at times, you will come into contact with many people and experience many funny and exciting encounters.

5. Boredom, what are you talking about?

Boredom will forever become a foreign word. By the way, you save all the money that you used to spend on newspapers and magazines, sports clubs, going to the cinema or restaurants. Jackpot!

6. You won’t need a gym

Even if you probably didn’t have the time to go there – the muscles come anyways. By carrying around 20-40 kilos at the same time in combination with pacifier recovery squats and martial arts training when changing diapers, legs, buttocks, arms and back are strengthened. Don’t forget to stretch!

7. Innate playmates

The first few years can be the most stressful, but be aware that at some point it will pay off and your little ones will sometimes get busy without your animation. They always have a playmate by their side, and they will always discover the world together and learn from each other. So you will soon at least find time again for a coffee in peace – hearing protection required.

8. You will automatically become a multitasking professional

One child changing diapers and preventing the other from brushing their teeth with the toilet brush at the same time? Cooking lunch and at the same time preventing a crawler from emptying the trash can and preventing the second from sticking a piece of carrot in his nose? Multitasking will become your middle name.

9. You will gain calmness

And nothing will upset you anymore. You automatically become a Zen master. Or so. In any case, you will probably soon have enough sand in the apartment for a small zen garden. Now all you have to do is find a good hiding place for your miniature zen garden rake …

10. Double the effort = double the happiness

In addition to all the stressful whining phases, there are also so many beautiful moments in which one could burst with pride and pass over with happiness, also double and triple.


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