Home Sustainability Project: Zero Plastic

Project: Zero Plastic

Whether it’s shampoo, cleaning products or pasta, many of these products found in almost every household are not only packaged in plastic, but also often contain so-called microplastics. The tiny particles enter the environment via wastewater and do their damage there. But not only microplastics are a problem, also the countless plastic packagings end up (at best) in landfills after use, which are also getting bigger and bigger.
But what alternatives are there? It was a matter of concern for us to avoid a lot of the garbage we produced at home: in the bathroom, when shopping, when washing or cleaning. It was a path that we have gradually taken/are still taking. To do this, we experimented a bit, replacing one product after another with alternatives and then keeping the things that worked well for us. Some examples can be found here.

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