10 hillarious facts about twin moms

One, two or three kids – not that much of a difference, right? 😇
No, seriously – twins (or triplets or even more …) are and will remain a huge challenge. However with a little bit of humor, life becomes easier and laughing relaxes even the most strenuous days. So here – after more than a year of twin experience – a few encouraging words for hard times, because there are some things where you have a clear advantage as a multiple mom or dad.

Matera, a city that enchants

Italy has many beautiful and impressive cities, but Matera is different. The city is special in every respect: it’s history to touch on every corner, the scenery casts a spell on you and every stone seems to tell its own story. No wonder, the city has been inhabited since ancient times and, last but not least, the landscape in which it is embedded is what makes it so attractive.

Visiting Vesuv and Pompeji with Kids: an exceptional experience

If you come to the Naples area, you will find it omnipresent, the only active volcano left on the mainland of Italy. And whoever hears Vesuvius probably immediately thinks of the fate of Pompeii which is sunk in a cloud of ash in 79 AD. When we set the next destination in the direction of Naples, it was clear that this was a must see on our Italy roadtrip with our three kids.

Glasenbachklamm – an insider tipp for nature and recreation experiences in Salzburg

The Glasenbachklamm, has always been one of our favorite half day trip destinations in the Salzburg area. Close to the city but perfect to immerse yourself in wild, lush nature or cooling down on hot summer days. The spot is also perfect for families with younger kids. Young dinosaur researchers are going to have good fun on the geological path but also it is a very nice starting point for a hiking tour to the famous Erentrudisalm.

Kitesurfing in Austria: the Traunsee

At a glance

  • Niederwind – thermal wind with constant good weather between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.
    Oberwind – before or after a cold front between 5-9 o’clock
  • May- October (in summer the thermal winds tend to be less)
  • not a beginner’s spot, keeping altitude is a must know
  • Location: Rindbach on the south bank of the Traunsee near Ebensee, reachable from Salzburg in a good 1.5 hours