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The most beautiful places to visit in Austria

by Kristina

Explore here – sorted by the 9 federal states of Austria – some of the most gorgeous places, worth visiting.


In Vienna there are more than enough activities that are exciting for both adults and children. Here I have summarized a few highlights that you should definitely not miss during a family vacation in Vienna.

Schönbrunn Palace: it was the summer residence of the Habsburg emperors. The residence includes state rooms, the bedrooms of the emperors, the oldest zoo in the world, magnificent gardens and museums. The children’s museum is particularly exciting for children. It tells the story of the castle in a playful and simplified way. Children also like the castle maze and the zoo.

Schönbrunn Zoo: is the oldest zoo in the world. It dates from 1752. Animals from all over the world and of course typical Austrian animals live in the zoo. This includes, for example, a real farm with cows. Of course you will also see elephants, lions, giraffes, polar bears, reptiles and birds in Schönbrunn.

Ferris wheel: it is one of the landmarks of Vienna. It was built in 1897 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the throne of Emperor Franz Joseph I. At that time it was the largest ferris wheel in the world. It is very exciting for the little ones as well as the adults to see the city from above.

Prater: is an amusement park open all year round. It has its origins in 1877. At that time, Emperor Josef II donated his private hunting ground in the city to the Viennese as a recreational area. Today you will find many exciting attractions for children and adults in the Prater.

Technical Museum: shows insights into the world of technology. This includes exhibits from the past and insights into the future. It’s perfect for children because you can touch many exhibits in the museum and try different things.

House of Music: is an interactive sound museum. On five floors you can discover the world of sounds and conduct your own waltz.

House of the Sea: is interesting for nature-loving children. It shows more than 10,000 different animal species. These include tropical freshwater and marine fish, fish from the Mediterranean Sea, sharks and other marine animals. Snakes, lizards, leaf cutter ants and tarantulas live in the terrarium department.

Zoom Children’s Museum: belongs to the area of ​​the Museum Quarter. In the experience and adventure rooms, children can playfully explore topics from art, science and everyday culture with all their senses.

Dschungel Wien: is a theater for young audiences from 2 years in the Museum Quarter. It is dedicated to the performing arts. The program includes performances for the very young, productions for children and families.

Puppet Theater Lilarum: the largest children’s theater in Vienna shows puppet games for children from 3 to 10 years and their families.

© Daria von Konpasu.de Reiseblog

Tipps from Daria & Thomas, who are living in Vienna and writing the blog Konpasu.


Vorarlberg is a perfect holiday destination with children, where we always discover new corners with every stay. Bregenz, with its festival and the lake stage, is a magical place for culture lovers, nature lovers and hikers as well.

The Bregenz Forest

© Miriam Heun von North Star Chronicles

On hot summer days we like to be at Lake Bodensee, where we can splash around in the water with our child or take a boat trip, e.g. to Lindau. But then there are also the beautiful mountains that we love so much. An adventurous hike through the Rappenloch Gorge followed by a river bath or to the “Alpe Untere Falz” are among the most beautiful hiking routes in the Bregenz Forest and are a paradise for smaller children. But a visit to the wildlife park in Feldkirch and a visit to a dairy are among the highlights of the region for us. You can read details about the hikes and other places visited here.

Tipps from Miriam and Johannes writing on North Star Cronicals.

Bregenz and the Bodensee

© Birgit von Muttis Nähkästchen

Bregenz and the BodeBregenz is one of the prettiest provincial capitals in Austria! The lake, the floating stage and the Pfänder make the town extremely worth living and visiting. The outdoor backdrops of the floating stage are extremely impressive. And you should also never ignore the Pfänder: It is the only notable elevation on Lake Constance and offers a breathtaking view of the entire Lake Constance as far as Constance as well as the Swiss and Vorarlberg Alps. The 1,064 m can be hiked or comfortably climbed with the Pfänderbahn. Above there is a view for the parents and a beautiful alpine animal zoo for the children.

Tipps from Birgit of Muttisblog.


The region around Wilder Kaiser

Tyrol, the “heart of the Alps”. Known in many places primarily for the great ski areas, it is also worth visiting outside of the winter season, because the number of hiking trails and peaks seems to be endless. For our one-week vacation we have chosen your accommodation in Going am Wilden Kaiser, which with its rugged walls and impregnable peaks rises impressively into the sky.

© Stefanie Schindler von a daily travel mate

Many tourists are drawn to the Hartkaiser directly. The view of the Kaiser Mountains makes up for the hustle and bustle up there, but those who like it a little quieter are better off on a hike through the Grießbachklamm to the Angerlalm. Here it goes over suspension bridges, wooden walkways and ledges, while next door the Grießbach splashes comfortably and then plunges into the depths again in small waterfalls. Other hiking highlights in the area are the circular hike over the Klamml to the Gruttenhütte, along the Hintersteiner See or the Teufelsgasse.

Written by Steffi from A daily travel mate.


Anyone looking for a successful mix of action and relaxation will find an ideal area in the border region of Reutte (Tyrol), Allgäu (Germany). In the area you can go on great hikes of all levels of difficulty and you and your children will definitely not get bored. One of our highlights here is the Ehrenberg ruins. While you are climbing the mountain to the ruin, the children go on a treasure hunt at the same time. In addition, the longest Tibet suspension bridge in the world is waiting at the top of the castle. Make your way across the valley at a height of 114 meters over a distance of 400 meters. Thanks to the grid floor and the vibrations, the thrill is guaranteed.

© Jochen Trauter von a bag full of dreams

Written by Jochen of A bag full of dreams.


Grüner See

The Green Lake in Styria is a wonderful destination for a trip for the whole family. This natural gem is located near the small village of Tragöß, about 2 hours by car from the Austrian capital Vienna. For many Styrians, this emerald green lake is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and for us it is one of the regional highlights. The special thing here is the wonderful mountain scenery and the turquoise-blue colors of the lake. As soon as winter is over and temperatures rise again, it fills with the meltwater from the surrounding mountains. Then the Green Lake shines in the most beautiful turquoise and green tones, which is why many of the hikers refer to it as “the Caribbean of Austria”.

© Jürgen Reichenpfader von PlacesofJuma

Families especially appreciate the beautiful natural surroundings, where there is also a lot for the little ones to discover. When visiting, you can choose between several hiking routes, with the easiest route, which is also ideal for children, starting right at the parking lot. This tour takes about 1.5 hours. The hiking trail leads through a dense forest, past two other beautiful lakes, until you finally reach the Green Lake. If you like, you can go around the lake, and there are some great picnic spots here. If you don’t mind cold water, you can even swim in the icy crystal clear lake!

Written by Martina and Jürgen of PlacesofJuma.


The “Geisterberg” in St. Johann

© Thomas Grah von adventuremo.de

The Geisterberg on the Gernkogel near St.Johann / Alpendorf turns your offspring into little researchers and explorers. It is the home of ghosts, fairies and dragons and also impresses with a variety of adventure playgrounds, nature trails, family hiking trails and an amazing view of the surrounding alpine landscape. This mountain is probably paradise for children from two years of age. In summer, thanks to the high location, it is a little cooler than below, and there is enough cool water with fountains, pritschel areas, streams, waterfalls and mountain lakes. Further details and all necessary information about the Geisterberg can be found here: Geisterberg in St.Johann – Alpendorf.

Written by Tom & Kristina.

Magical underworlds: Eisriesenwelt Werfen

© Eisriesenwelt GmbH

One of the most impressive natural spectacles I’ve seen is the world’s largest ice cave in Werfen. As soon as we opened the door to this magical underworld, we were thrilled. An icy and strong suction of air greeted us at the beginning of the tour. The dimensions of the cave are simply indescribable and the mystical sculptures made of ice immediately cast a spell on us. For an hour we walked over countless stairs, ice tunnels and cavities through the seemingly endless world of ice. An incredible experience, especially for children.

Written by Tina & Manfred of urlaubsreiseblog.

Upper Austria


Linz, the third largest city in Austria, lies in the middle of the beautiful “blue” Danube. Apart from the Linzer Torte, the provincial capital of Upper Austria is very well known for a number of festivals: The Klangwolke, the Brucknerfest or the Pflasterspektakel. The great “Urfix” festival, the Urfahraner Markt, takes place twice a year.

The Pöstlingberg forms the picturesque backdrop in the north of the city. With the historic narrow-gauge railway, the trip to Linz’s local mountain is a real experience. In the middle of the Pöstlingberg is the Linz Zoo, where children especially enjoy the many animals that live there, the small petting zoo and the two adventure playgrounds. The summit of the Pöstlingberg is inhabited by dwarfs who show the way to the Grottenbahn. Here in the caves you can find both the short tour and scenes from the most famous fairy tales that are recreated with characters.

© Charlotte Tittel von Starke Mama

In the center, the plague column on the main square and the architecturally special Lentos art museum are among the most famous sights, as is the extraordinary “Ars Electronica Center” museum. It is the fulcrum of science, technology and culture. Here innovative solutions are created and social issues are presented artistically. The annual Prix Ars Electronica Festival is now internationally famous. In the course of the event, the “Golden Nica”, one of the world’s most important prizes in electronic art and culture, is awarded.

I live in the south of the city with my family. The untouched alluvial forest lies between the Danube and the two Weikerl lakes. The Pichlingersee also invites you to exercise or relax. Linz has so much more to offer that cannot be covered in a few lines.

Written by Charlie of starke-mama.

Magical underworlds: Krippenstein ice cave

When you visit the Salzkammergut, it’s not just beautiful cities that invite you on a tour of discovery. There are also a multitude of scenic highlights that make this part of Austria a great holiday destination. And compared to other mountain regions, which are very popular with hikers, there are magical underworlds hidden deep under the rock, two of which I would particularly like to recommend to you: they are so-called ice caves. The beautiful cave is located directly behind the world-famous Hallstatt on the Krippenstein. At the middle station of the cable car you register for a guided tour through the cave and then hike for about 15 minutes to the entrance of the cave. In addition to the sparkling ice formations, some of which are illuminated with lights, the highlight of this cave awaits at the end of the tour: It goes over a suspension bridge over large ice fields to the exit of the ice cave.

© Bettina Kainz von urlaubsreise.blog

Written by Tina & Manfred of urlaubsreiseblog.

The Treetop Walk in Kopfing

A special kind of nature trail is located in the Upper Austrian “Sauwald” forest. Here you have the unique opportunity to experience the forest upside-down and to hike through the treetops. This place is particularly spectacular for children because of the many adventures and play opportunities that are both high in the air and at the end of the path. Right next to the restaurant, where parents can strengthen themselves and relax, there is a 5000m2 forest adventure playground including a small zoo with llamas, goats and sheep. You can read more about the Baumkronenweg here: Baumkronenweg Kopfing.

© Thomas Grah von adventuremo.de

written by Kristina und Tom

Lower Austria

The Waldviertel

The climate in the Waldviertel can be extremely harsh – after all, it is the granite and gneiss highlands with heights of up to 1,000 meters. And yet you can discover a lot of sunshine in the northernmost area of ​​Austria! From the Sonnenwelt Großschönau with lots of aha effects for young and old, to the Sonnentor experience in Sprögnitz and Sonnentoren at the farms and beyond! Particularly impressive: The Kollmitz ruins near Raabs an der Thaya is one of the largest ruins in Austria and even arouses the spirit of discovery among the most oppositional adolescents! And there is also a real UFO landing site and curious border crossings in the middle of the forest to marvel at! Tips for other excursion destinations are available here: Waldviertel with children: Out and about in the land of sun and stones.

© Birgit von Muttis Nähkästchen

Written by Birgit of Muttisblog.


Carinthia is home to numerous excursion destinations and sights. Especially in the summer months, the wide range of offerings beckons. A trip through Carinthia’s TOP 10 excursion destinations is colorful and varied. It leads us to the most beautiful sights across the whole country:

From the highest mountain in Austria to the highest dam in Austria, the Kölnbreinsperre at the end of the Malta Hochalmstrasse with the breathtaking Airwalk viewing platform. To cool off on hot days, the Terra Mystica & Montana show mines have a cool + 8 ° C tunnel temperature and Europe’s longest miner’s slide. Impressive kings of the sky can be experienced in the air shows of the Adlerarena Burg Landskron, which take place 4 times a day for the first time in July & August this year.

The zoo with castle and labyrinth Rosegg, only a few minutes by car from Velden am Wörthersee, has been a family highlight for over 49 years. The Rosegg zoo is Carinthia’s largest zoo. The Pyramidenkogel, which towers high above the Wörthersee, is visible from afar. The world’s tallest wooden observation tower not only offers a magnificent panoramic view, but also the tallest roofed building slide in Europe.

The Happ reptile zoo is located in Klagenfurt. With almost 1,000 reptiles, spiders and snakes, it is the most species-rich reptile zoo in Austria. Fresh alpine air, the adventurous children’s adventure world Nocky’s Almzeit and the 1.6 kilometer long alpine roller coaster Nocky Flitzer are located at 2,000 m above sea level on the Turracher Höhe. With these two family attractions, the Turrachacher Höhe has been one of the best providers of mountain experiences in Austria since 2010.

Hochosterwitz Castle is also known far beyond the borders. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Central Europe and can be reached barrier-free with a lift. The TOP 10 offer is completed with the Obir stalactite caves – Austria’s most fascinating natural wonder, with living stalactites that are a rarity across Europe. Over 1 million visitors from all over the world have already visited the caves in the Karawanken UNESCO Geopark.


© Kärntens TOP-10 Ausflugsziele

Written by Kärntens Top 10 Ausflugsziele.


What do you associate with an excursion in Burgenland? The Neusiedlersee as a warm bathing lake and the steppe landscape around or bike tours with stops in the numerous Heurigen? These are certainly also reasons why Burgenland is a particularly beautiful state for a multi-day excursion, but there is much more to discover. Numerous natural sites as well as cultural and recreational facilities are available as excursion destinations, and of course also – castles.

© Lennard Lindner

One of the most popular amusement parks in Austria is located in Burgenland, for example, the Familypark in St. Margarethen. Great attractions suitable for all ages await there. The selection ranges from the wild roller coaster to the cozy forest express to the petting zoo. Not far from there, also in St. Margarethen, there are further destinations for a nice weather excursion with the quarry and the spectacular opera in the quarry. For a bad weather alternative, Burgenland offers some thermal baths and baths, such as the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg, which is specially designed for babies and children. There is a Baby World and the Fun World with several slides, including a 270 meter! long mega-tube slide. And finally there is the imposing Forchtenstein Castle, which is a good destination even when it rains. Exhibitions and guided tours tailored to children are offered here.

A tip for nature lovers: Burgenland offers numerous adventures in nature, such as canoeing on the Raab or guided tours of the llama in Donnerskirchen. A real recommendation to immerse yourself in the multifaceted landscape of Burgenland. You can find out more information about these and more adventures here: Excursions with children in Burgenland.

Written by Roland & Svenja of familienausflugsinfo.

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