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Microadventures – cheat everyday life right on your doorstep

by Tom

Especially in the last few years of the corona pandemic, microadventures have become enormously popular. The special feature of microadventures lies in their suitability for everyday use, in addition to their limited temporal extent. The “inventor” of the term Alastair Humphreys says:

“My definition of a microadventure is exactly what the name suggests. It’s a real adventure, just not a big one. A local, inexpensive, easy, short adventure.”

Alastair Humphreys (2014)

What defines a microadventure?

“Just get out there and do it!” could be the slogan of the microadventurers. This trivial sentence describes a whole series of properties that make up a real microadventure: it should be inexpensive, ideally start right in front of your door, and last rather short. It should be easy to plan without a lot of effort or equipment, but get you and your fellow adventurers out of your comfort zone so that you can draw strength from the experience over the long term.

The outdoor version of minimalism

Microadventures sharpen the eye for the essentials. You have to limit yourself, and you have to be very self-determined. “The path is the goal” is the core of every micro-adventure. When choosing and (minimalist) planning, you should ask yourself what you can start with today, so you can automatically find the adventure with the least amount of planning. Micro-adventures have a lot of positive effects on body, mind and soul.

What distinguishes the adventure from the micro-adventure?

Adventure is something different for everyone. The benchmark here is probably also your own comfort zone. Basically, it’s about the direct and unfiltered experience of the adventure without much planning and expensive equipment, but with a large portion of play instinct and gut feeling.

“And the whole thing with children” or “Nature as an adventureous playground!”

The real adventures for children take place outside. And right on the doorstep. It doesn’t matter whether you find big city bustle, deep forest or a huge garden in front of your house. Contrary to the widespread opinion of adults, children do not need constant activity, trouble or ready-made game worlds. Children are masters when it comes to discovering the big in the small if you let them.

What matters is probably a certain freedom that you have to give them: time and space to make room for the child’s imagination, permission to get dirty or completely mess up and the opportunity to explore yourself and your limits, to fail allowed and to learn to grow from it.

5 exciting micro adventure ideas for kids

Getting out – even out of the comfort zone – that is always at the center of every adventure. Without having to drive far away, you can easily start the following adventures from your own front door. Here is our micro-adventure bucket list:

1. Hiking without shoes – bartefoot experience

Little kids love it or hate it, but in the end it’s just habit: going barefoot! As an inveterate barefoot runner, I like to let my children get to know nature in new ways. Just leave your shoes at home and feel the ground. Each step becomes its own experience. Whether on a meadow, through the forest or in the snow: walking barefoot can be an exciting challenge, especially at unusual times. In the cold season, please always remember to dry your feet at the end and wrap up warm.

2. Forest bathing

Experience the forest with all your senses, let yourself be carried away by the sounds, smells and enchanted by the play of light and shadow. Feel the soft forest floor under your feet. The forest gives an incredible amount of energy and grounds. You can find out more here about the Forest bathing and play ideas with children in the forest read.

3. Doing a Sunrise Hike

Many children – including ours – are early risers. I unfortunately do not. Instead of crawling out of bed at half past eight and then hiding your head in the coffee cup, we’ll just put on our backpacks, go out with flashlights and move breakfast to the mountain or the next hill for the magical light of sunrise. Definitely beautiful and definitely way out of my comfort zone 😉

4. Sleep under the stars

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a balcony, garden or mountain peak – simply unroll a sleeping pad and sleeping bag and sleeping in an unusual, uncovered place can really be magical. Listening to the sounds of nature under the starry sky is incredibly exciting for children big and small, as well as for us parents. I don’t expect much rest, but the situation will definitely be adventurous.

5. cooking outdoors and picnicking

Cooking and eating outside is also different. Restricted by a handful of ingredients and without full kitchen equipment, not only cooking becomes a special experience. A little improvisation and maybe also freshly picked herbs, berries and other edible treasures of nature, it tastes even better.

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