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Fantastic family hike to the Gruberalm

by Tom

The sunny height of the Gruberalmen is an easy, but extremely rewarding hike in the Salzburger Land. It is the perfect tour for a relaxed day in the mountains. It is easily accessible for beginners and also with strollers. The area is a highlight for kids due to the large range of playgrounds, meadows and animals to watch. So the kids are perfectly busy with discovering while the adults can relax, enjoy the stunning views and delicious austrian food. We do highly recommend the “Alm-Hugo” and “Pofesn”.

The Gruberalmen are located at an altitude of 1300m. From there you have a magnificent view of the Regenspitz, Gruberhorn and Gennerhorn. The incline is easy and gently rising and at the destination you can even choose from three pastures, each with their own playground: the Mayerlehenhütte, Hinterleit`n Hütte and Grubenbachhütte. Here is everything offered that one could wish for after an exhausting 150 meters of height walk with a stroller.

For everybody hiking without stroller: turn left on about half of the way onto a mountain path. Our children love to walk over stones and roots, a forest path. However, make sure you wear solid shoes for this part.

at a glance:

  • Start: Lämmerbach car parking in Hintersee
  • Length: approx. 4 km
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour per direction
  • Elevation gain: approx. 200 m
  • Suitable for stroller: yes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Catering: delicious little menu with typical delicacies such as cheese dumplings (Kaspressknödel) or Pofesn
  • Tip: plan enough time to linger, enjoy and play

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