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Glasenbachklamm – an insider tipp for nature and recreation experiences in Salzburg

by Kristina

The Glasenbachklamm, has always been one of our favorite half day trip destinations in the Salzburg area. Close to the city but perfect to immerse yourself in wild, lush nature or cooling down on hot summer days. The spot is also perfect for families with younger kids. Young dinosaur researchers are going to have good fun on the geological path but also it is a very nice starting point for a hiking tour to the famous Erentrudisalm.


The Glasenbachklamm is located in the municipality of Elsbethen, close to the famous Gaisberg. It is easy to reach, wether by bike (30min.), bus (lines 3, 7, 8) or suburban train (S-Bahn line 3). The impressive gorge is still an insider tip. In any case, we think that it is always worth visiting and especially for families it’s an absolute highlight. The walk is easy but very special from the surrounding. It invites to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and instead look for fossils, collect sticks, splash around in the clear water of the Klausbach, fish in the rapids or balance across the water.

cool places for summer in Salzburg

Especially in midsummer the Glasenbachklamm is gorgeous. Due to the steep rock formations and the cool flowing water it is mostly shady and pleasantly cool here (perhaps even the coolest place in town). Various pools invite you to swim and cool off in different places. The Glasenbachklamm is one of many great natural bathing areas around Salzburg. Various other places we present in this article.

Salzburg excavation site for Dinosaurs and fossils

The impressive nature emerged long before our time and is a protected part of landscape because of its biodiversity and the wealth of fossils. In this place you can follow the footsteps of the dinosaurs. Ichthyosaurs, ammonites and tadpole shrimp lived here a about 200 million years ago. One more reason to visit the gorge an learn about the developement of earth and life within 13 educational boards and sculptures which are exhibited along the way, like shark jaws, dinosaur skeletons and a saber-toothed tiger. The original excavations of skeletons, teeth and fossils can be seen at in the museum of natural sciences “Haus der Natur”.


Start: Glasenbachklamm car parking Length: approx. 3km Duration: approx. 1-2 hours, depending on the length of stay and breaks Elevation gain: approx. 150 m Suitable for strollers: yes Difficulty: easy Catering: Fageralm and Erentrudisalm can be reached by car but also via a hiking trail Tip: sturdy shoes are recommended (it might be slippery!) Excursion combination: Hike through the Glasenbachklamm to the Erentrudisalm! This way to the tour.


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